Who We are


Accounting ROL Ltd provides Bookkeeping services for our clients utilizing specialized accounting programs that allow detailed interpretation of commercial activity, eliminating anypossibility for error or misrepresentation of information.


Accounting ROL Ltd provides Payroll services (payroll of employees or contractorsfor small and medium enterprises according to the Revenue Canada mandates.

T1 Personal Income Taxes (Personal Tax)

Accounting ROL Ltd provides personal taxpreparation services in order to optimize your tax return or minimize the tax payable. We are authorized by Revenue Canada to represent our clients and report their taxes directly through E-File.

Corporate Taxes T2 (Business Taxes)

Accounting ROL Ltd, provides tax preparation services for small and medium enterprises based on the accounting information prepared by us or provided by our clients using the corresponding reports: GST (Sales Tax), T4, T4 Summary, T4A and T4A Summary (report payments to employees and contractors), T5018 (reports for independent workers subcontracted in the construction) and other reports required by Revenue Canada.

Accounting Software Training

Accounting ROL Ltd provides training to individuals interested inlearning how to efficiently useaccounting programs such as Quickbooks or Simply Accounting.


Accounting ROL Ltd assists their clients in having detailed control of the GST collected from sales or services and the GST paid for business activity. This way accurate information can be report to the Canada Revenue Agency